Wednesday, February 14, 2018


I don't really love Valentines Day. It's always been one of those holidays that I had expectations of having something special, or getting something special or doing something special....and more times than not things did not work out, or we didn't do anything, or I didn't get anything....and it was just one of those days that led to disappointment. Whose with me?

This year I was prepared for nothing. No flowers, no candy, no special treats....and then I went to work, and my boss gave me flowers and one of my good friends brought me flowers and a cold diet coke from McDonald's - she speaks my love language - and another friend brought me chocolates. What could have turned into a hard, disappointing day was a gentle reminder that my Father in Heaven loves me and knows that there are many people in my life who love me and care about me.

So, in a much better spirit, Happy Valentines Day!! Tell all of those in your life that you love them, it just might make their day!!! And then scrapbook it with this CUTE kit from Fayette Designs called Two Hearts!! I LOVE this quote, one of my all time favorites!! #iloveyoumore

I love this snarky, smart-alec, funny boy of mine! Happy Valentines Day!!

HERE is the kit! and HERE is the paper pack.

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