Friday, October 3, 2014

Quick Pocket Calendar Pages

If you want to create an INSTANT calendar, use the 2015 Pocket Calendar Quick Pages. These pages already have the month, date grid & elements on them. (Date grids are formatted US Style with Sunday as the first day of the week.) All you have to do is add your photo and important events!

Here are a couple from me.

If you would prefer to create a custom calendar, then choose the 2015 Pocket Calendar Kit. The Kit includes titles for all months in black graphic style, calendar grids with weeks beginning on Sunday and Monday and pre-clustered elements to make assembly FAST and easy. Download also includes front & back cover designs and 17 "blank" quick pages so that you can choose which design to use for each month. Customize them for YOUR preferences & YOUR seasons!  (See the product in the shop for additional instructions and suggestions.)

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