Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May the odds be ever in your favor....

I LOVED the Hunger Games....but more than that, I wanted to record the memory of a connection. This is one of the reasons I scrapbook, to make a record of these connections. I am so grateful for the talent that I have been blessed with to record these memories and the gratitude that I feel to be able to recognize the importance of these connections. Scrapbooking may seem like a small thing. A hobby. An overwhelming task to check off your list. But scrapbooking has made me really think about the important connections and relationships that we make here on earth. It helps me in recording my own personal history. Doing Project Life has helped me recognize every day things that I would have otherwise overlooked.

I'm so grateful for this hobby and for the connections that I make every day.

Used the Everyday Storytelling kit from Sweet Shoppe

Journaling says:

It took me a year to finally read the first book of “The Hunger Games” series. Tanner has been asking begging me to read it since last summer and I finally picked it up and I couldn’t put it down... it was SO good. {I loved the first two books...the third wasn’t my favorite, but you have to read it to finish up the series.} We went to see the movie for Tanner’s birthday and we all LOVED it. It was so good and I’m so glad that me “made” me read the book first so I knew what was going on.... what I loved more than the books or the movie was that I had something to talk to my son about that HE was interested in. I loved laying on his bed with him and talking about what we both thought about the books and the movie. I love having a connection with him. I don’t always “get” the things he is into ...but for a moment we had something in common.
I am so grateful that God entrusted him to me...that he is such a wonderful young man...and now “May the odds be ever in your Favor.” For Real!!

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