Friday, August 26, 2011


Summer is not really over when it's still 90 degrees and HOT as can be....right?

I love the end of the summer when everything is in full bloom....and naturally, I love this new kit by Fayette of The Ettes, it's perfect for all your gardens in full bloom, your children in full bloom and all of those growing moments in your life.

You will love all the cute elements and flowers in this kit....and if you visit her Blog HERE you can even get a freebie!!!! I had a good time making my fact I got a little carried away and made 5 instead of 2......hope you enjoy!! {and thanks to all my friends and family who let me "borrow" their pictures for these fun pages!}

Addie McDonald - July 2011

A handout for my lesson......pretend you haven't seen it if you are in my ward :)

Kirsten and Esther Anderson - October 2010

Megan Kairies Baptism Day - August 2011

The Anderson Kids - July 2011

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