Thursday, March 1, 2012

A whole BUNCH of new pages.....

I went to a scrapbook event this past weekend...we scrapbook, eat, chat and drink WAY too much diet coke {oh, maybe that is just me}....we are supposed to scrapbook and get something done. Usually I am very focused on getting LOTS of work done and I love to come home with a huge number of pages finished. {last year I did 67 pages and finished 5 albums}. This year I was all about having A DAY OFF work and enjoying some social time with my girl friends. I still got 27 pages done and organized about 2,000 pictures that I have been scanning in and trying to get organized. It was still a very productive weekend, but I had a lot more fun just being "away" for a few hours.

Here are my pages, I will try to credit the ones I know....some of the kits are no longer available......First up, Christmas. I used THIS kit from Sweet Shoppe and most of the pages are Janet Phillips Templates, also from Sweet Shoppe.

Used parts and pieces....some from FayETTE, some from my stash

used The Ettes Nativity longer avaliable
again...used parts and pieces

used a Missionary kit that I can't find. I don't think it's available anymore

Used THIS kit from Sweet Shoppe.  and the template is from HERE

Used kit from HERE, template is from Simply Yin

I also did a couple of pages in my childhood album...I hope to get a bunch more done and get my childhood album finished one of these days. I think I have most of the stuff scanned now....hopefully just one more scanning session {when I can find time for it}.

I used this KIT for the carnival page.

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