Wednesday, September 29, 2010


My name is Liberty and I'm a beadaholic. It all started with that bead store in Utah, not really it started much before that, but that just reawakened my obsession. Here are a few of the watches I've been working on...if you want to see them all click on the WATCHES FOR SALE over here -------------->

I sale them all, but just on a Custom Order Basis...just email me if you want one {or two, or three}

Maybe a cute red one....

or perhaps brown and cream.....

maybe mix them together....brown, red and cream....

or maybe my new favorite......Happy Halloween!!!! {can't wait to wear this one! I can start on Friday, then it's officially October!}

Want one of your own???? I have this cute black and orange one for sale right now! $20 for set {+shipping if you don't live here}. Watch faces are $10 if you need one!


  1. I want 20 please! Seriously. I love them all!!!!!

  2. it isnt an addiction if your making money...



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