Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I've been in a scrappin' mood lately...I've finished and caught up ALL of my 2010 pictures. They are all cleaned up...organized...backed up...and SCRAPBOOKED! {ahhhhh, that feels good}.

Don't worry, I have plenty of other things on my to do list!!

If it seems like they all look the same, it's because I TAKE WAY TOOOO MANY PICTURES and I don't know how to eliminate enough of they are all crazy and busy and have TOO many pictures, but whatever, it's how I scrap!

{Click on images to enlarge}


  1. They look fabulous. Maybe after school starts,I'll be able to get my 2010 pics caught up....*sigh* (curious what makes me think that after school starts things will SLOW down) :)

  2. So soo cute!!!! Love the pages! And I love that you use lots of pictures!!!

  3. I'm completely amazed that you are all caught up on your photos! And I LOVE your style with lots of photos - I really love all those details and variety.

  4. Ok I know I already commented on these pages... I just really really like them!!! :)

  5. now your 2 weeks behind schedule...come on we are waiting.....I love you....



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