Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I love bags...really love bags....

I have lots of different sizes, shapes, kinds and colors. I use them for all different kinds of things...I have a church bag, a cub scout bag, a scripture bag, etc....and I love them all....but most especially I like pockets. I like everything to have it's own pocket. I like everything in it's place. {it's just how I like it}

I got a new bag for my birthday, that I really liked. It's cute and trendy. It's made of fabric and it's washable. I really LIKE it...but it was a little too small....and the pockets are too big and fall open and it's just not quite I've been thinking since before Christmas that I wanted to make me a new bag. I wanted to make sure it's exactly what I wanted and that all my pockets would work....

Today was sewing day at Amy's house, so I decided to work on my new bag. Luckily she made several scripture bags for Christmas presents and had worked out all the it was pretty easy.

I LOVE how it turned out. It's's red {seriously, what else do I need} and it has perfect pockets {mostly because I measured everything and made them so they would fit exactly what I wanted to go in them}. YES...I know I'm crazy.

Seriously, could it be any cuter? I LOVE's so much fun. Too bad I have to get back to my real job now. Thanks Amy for teaching me and for "playing" with me.


  1. it's soooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!

  2. That is sooo cute. Maybe I could commission a bag of my own. Pretty much exactly like that one... different fabric maybe... although I love that combination, I just wasn't sure if you had more of it... What would you charge?

  3. OOOOHHH!! I love the trim on it. Your welcome on helping. Now I want to make one.. . of course in different colors. . . although that red is beautiful. I'm working on getting my unfinished projects done and then I can make fun things . . . someday.

  4. Oh yeah . . love that it matches you blog.

  5. I didn't even notice that....hmmm, must really like that pattern. Too funny!



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