Monday, November 16, 2009

...a LiTtle Re-puRposing....

I have found sooooo many great ideas to re-purpose all kinds of clothing. Some of my newest favorites sights are Make It and Love It, My Mama Made It, Seam Sew Easy and Nannygoat.

I had so much fun making my shirts new again.

I used this tutorial to make the next two's from My Mama Made It.

These ones are MY favorite....from My Mama Made it. I didn't resize my shirt, I just used a t-shirt I liked. I wore the black one...and then pinned my black flower on it {super cute}

This one I cut off the bottom {it was too long} and then added the bottom hem onto the top for a ruffle.

It has made me rethink clothes and shopping. I am starting to see how I can "fix" the things I don't love and make them better. I hope it inspires you too!


  1. You busy little bee! Cute stuff! You go girl!

  2. How could this be inspiring .. you are Impossible to match ! You are just Amazing at All things!!!



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