Friday, October 9, 2009

halloween table runner

I had some extra material {from another project I am working on} and decided to make a little table runner for my turned out super cute. It's the same idea as a rag quilt and then I just added the little spiders {with green eyes}!

Spider Table Runner Tutorial

Start by making spider legs {just small strips of material 2" x 1/4"} sewn on with a wide zig-zag {almost the same width as the legs}

then sew on a spider body. I added a small piece of batting folded in half right in the middle

Zig zag around the outside of the spider body.

Sew on the eyes with a straight stitch. Don't worry too much about them being perfect, it adds to the character.

Then sew green buttons on for eyeballs. You can add these after you sew it all together.

Sew it together like a rag all the squares together in a row. Mine is 9 squares long.

Now sew the row together {mine is 3 rows across}

Snip, wash, dry and enjoy!!!! Super cute!!!


  1. Way cute!!! I have been thinking of using my fabric to make a table runner too. Although I am trying to finish up a few project before I start it. I love the spider, it's too cute and perfect with the rag quilt look.

  2. I think this is sooooo stinkin' cute!!! Is there any limit to your creativity?

  3. I'm currently making a Halloween rag quilt and after seeing your cute table runner, I'm going to make one with my scraps! Really sweet!!! :>)



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