Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm working....

on "REAL" paper miss me while I'm making lots of's a preview of a page I made this morning. LOVE the buttons. (Hobby Lobby, my second home!) The color in the picture is a little off, it's green & yellow together and the background is green...sorry about that...but I have to get back to it will have to do.....Have a great day!


  1. Liberty -

    I met you last week at Janet Solis's scrapbooking event and I have a question for you about photo editing software. I want to get a basic software that isn't too advanced. Do you know much about photo editing? If so, could you email me at so I can ask you some questions about some software I'm looking at.

    Katie Anderson

  2. this page looks great!! Can't wait to see more!



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