Saturday, March 28, 2009

Thank You....

to my wonderful friends.....I have been making watches and selling them on my new Etsy shop, but last night as I was making them I was talking to MaryRuth and Amber and they bought everything I made before I could even get it posted.

I'm so sorry to the rest of you, who didn't get a chance for those ones, but I have posted lots of new watches, bands and earrings. Check it out here, Liberty's Etsy Shop

If you have any questions about the watches, let me know. I can custom make any color combination you want, just email me for availability.

These would make such a great gift for Mother's Day - either for your own mother or perhaps a special woman (friend, girlfriend, sister, or daughter) in your life.

This is my newest Favorite one:


  1. I love this watch!!! If i ma not careful I will buy everything. Maybe I should learn to make them my self.
    I am sure you will still have some in May when we come visit, so I am going to wait until then to buy anything.

  2. YAY!! I'm so happy I scored some watch bands! I love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and the silver watch is sooo cute!

  3. Can I buy that one? It is awesome!!



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